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Born 1956 in Stuttgart. Grown up in Nagold/Black Forest and

Stuttgart. Education with artists from Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan.

Most important teacher: Roland Wesner, Ludwigsburg. (Also: Musical experience on a Classic Jazz formation. Several texts got published at "Südfunk Stuttgart" broadcasting and magazines for new literature ).

As from 1985 full-time freelance job.

As from 1985 work series ,, city portrait "

As from 1987: work series ,, pictures about music ".

Further work series: ,,Food Art ", ,, Vita Mechanica " and others.

As from 1989 ,, pictures about music " in worldwide edition with ,, Verkerke publishing" ( NL, (USA)..

As from 1989 presentation of work in the ,, studio gallery" Dinkelsbühl and external presentations in Europe and USA.

As from 1990 presentation of art prints at the ,, ART EXPO" New York.

1991 concept of ,, Cybernetics - the transferability of cybernetical axioms on social systems " by order of EDS - Electronic Data Systems"

1991 concept ,, FAX ART " for the pavilion of the German Communication Industry, TELECOM trade fair, Geneva (CH)

"1991/1992 ,, Descriptions for Enterprise Culture". Project for Mettler Toledo, Gießen.

1992 Concept of ,, Four Steel Movements " for Rasselstein Enterprise (Thyssen steel)

Since 1992: Several themes from the series ,, music ", ,,messages" and ,,chess parables" as limited facsimile collotype edition.

March 1993: Presentation of original work at the ,,ART EXPO ", New York ".

1993 concept of ,, Natural Values " - nature as emotional and aesthetic value. Pictures in watercolour painting and large-sized Akryl work.

May 1993: Presentation of ,, Natural Values" with Mercedes Benz Corp. on the occation of the international press introduction of the "190-series" in the training centre "Lämmerbuckel".

1993 autumn/winters: Further development of the concept of ,, Messages, Networks&Totems". Works for the topic ,, message, sign, information". Pictures, installation & objects.

1994 spring: In the series "Zen": ,,Chess parables - for topics of philosophical practice".

1994 summer: ,,"W.I. R". Concept of an action to the help for children in crisis areas and first relief action.

1994 summer: ,,Chaos" meditative installation with 5 objects and several texts.

1995 spring: In the series "Zen - parables": " angels - pictures about our best possibilities ".

1995 summer: "Outlines and acrylic pictures on wood about the Dinkelsbühl ,,Kinderzeche".

1995 Okt.: Motive ,, ALIVE " (chess parables) as ,, coat - motive " for the former punching world champion Henry Maske to the auction for Caritatative purposes.

1995 autumn: Art prints from the series ,, chess parables "and ,, angels" published by "Meridian Art".

"1996 ,, gestures and movements". Large-sized panels with acrylik colour on wood to the "Dinkelsbühl Kinderzeche" - anniversary, art calendars and texts.

" 1996/97 concept of ,, METAFRACTALE ": Pictures and sound compositions in space and time.

1997/98 series "groups/seasons" for the company of Mettler Toledo.

1998 outline for the holocaust - memorial Berlin and further development of the series of "METAFRAKTALE".

1998 "SinglePrints" as single pieces and small series with motives from current concepts.

2002: After several more exhibitions & concepts: The project "MARE" on our sailing ship in Greece (untill now only in German)

2006: Back to Germany. Our new home is the peninsula of Eiderstedt at the North Sea coast, near the island of Sylt.

2006 / 2007: writing and painting a series of four books "Adventures with Water Colours" for "frechverlag Stuttgart", a German editor - painting lessons including one DVD each. 

Original work in private and public property in Europe, North America and Japan.